The LEFT Sleep Position Training Device - How It Works

Applying sticker to Snooor wearable

The LEFT Device: How it Works

The LEFT Sleep Position Training Device is easy to use and will teach you to sleep predominantly on your left side and prevent nighttime heartburn pain. Make sure to use the associated stickers with the device every night for optimal results.

Let’s get started!

… with these simple steps.

1. Clean

Make sure your breastbone area is clean, dry and free of hair.

2. Peel

Remove a sticker from the sheet.

3. Stick

Attach the exposed side (with the red tab) to the LEFT Device.

4. Turn on

Press the button for approximately 3 seconds. The LEFT Device will vibrate 3 times.  

5. Wear

Peel the skin side tab off the sticker and place the LEFT Device in the middle of your breastbone area. The LED light must be at the top center of the device.


6. Sleep

The LEFT Device will confirm its activation by vibrating exactly 1 minute after being turned on.

The LEFT Device will auto-start 20 minutes after being turned on, giving you the time to fall asleep.



To check that your LEFT Device is turned on, the blue light should flash when you press the on/off button.

And while you're sleeping:

  • Your nighttime heartburn symptoms will be eliminated or significantly reduced
  • You will (finally!) enjoy painless restful nights, which leads to …
  • … a vastly improved life

To turn off:

  1. Carefully peel off the LEFT Device and dispose of the sticker.
  2. Press the power button. The LEFT Device will vibrate for a few seconds, indicating that it has powered down.

The LEFT Device also turns off automatically after eight hours. 


Monitor Your Progress with the LEFT App: 

You can view your daily sleeping position progress by connecting with the free LEFT App.

With the the LEFT App, you can view and monitor your sleeping position each night.  

Download the LEFT App for Android phones at: 

Download the LEFT App for iOS phones at:


The LEFT App does not need to be connected via Bluetooth to your LEFT Device during the night to receive sleep position data.

Ensure that the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned ON. 

Press the On/Off button 5 times. The Blue LED Light will flash to confirm the device is ready.

For information on the stickers, please click here.

For instructions on how to replace the battery, please click here.