The LEFT Device is the next generation solution to solve nighttime heartburn.

It is a biofeedback apparatus using positional therapy method , to train users to sleep predominantly on the left side.

It is intended to be worn every evening with the use of the complementary medical-grade hypoallergenic double-sided sticker. 

Before going to bed, you simply stick the lightweight wearable device on your breastbone. Once it detects that you sleeping on your right side, it will gently vibrate. This will trigger your body to change to the left position without waking you or the person beside you up!

When you sleep on your  right side, stomach acid has an easy path up to your esophagus and into your throat. The burning sensation goes away when you regularly sleep on your left. By positioning your stomach below the esophagus, you work with gravity to keep acid in the stomach. This means a better night’s sleep, every night.

The LEFT has been designed and tested by sleep experts to ensure that the slight vibration will not wake you. Just like tickling somebody’s nose with a feather while they sleep, LEFT will produce a reaction from your body that you will not remember or even know you did in the morning!

The first two nights, your body may need some time to adjust to the changing of position as it breaks the habit of sleeping on your back or on your right. While this may cause you to wake up, it will quickly become natural to your body as it forms the new habit of sleeping on the side to prevent nighttime heartburn symptoms.

If your LEFT Device has stopped powering on, it is likely that the battery has died. You can easily change the battery with a standard CR2032 (3V) battery. To read more about how to change the battery, click here.

No. There is no need to connect the device to the app during the night.
You may connect the device at any time to the app to import data and view your sleep position during the night.

Positional therapy is a science based therapy. It’s been used in the sleep apnea space for some years now. What researchers found over the years is that it is possible to train a person during sleep to turn to his side while sleeping and without waking the person up. Since it has been scientifically proven that sleep position therapy can train a person to sleep on his side more than 90% of the overall sleep time, it is seen as a good treatment option for mild to moderate Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (POSAS) patients. 

The LEFT Device will confirm its activation by vibrating exactly 1 minute after being turned on.

We have designed the LEFT Device with a 20 minute delay, so that you have time to fall asleep before the vibration begins.

To check that your LEFT Device is turned on, the blue light should flash when you press the on/off button.

The electric component is the only link to the vibration motor which is covered with hard plastic on both sides. Please note that the vibration motor provides soft vibration and not a shock wave so no impact what so ever in regards to electrical currents of the heart.

The device has Bluetooth radiation - 1mW when Bluetooth is engaged, which is much lower than a cellphone and considered safe. At night when worn, Bluetooth is not engaged. Bluetooth can be turned on after removal in the morning to sync data with the app.

The LEFT Device is considered safe for use by FCC and CE mark approval. However, the device utilizes a small magnet, not an electro-magnet, so it is recommend checking with your doctor or the manufacturer of your pacemaker with your question as they should have more information about using anything with magnets.