"I have no more reflux. I sleep lying down again on my left side And I have stopped my medication in the evening …very positive."

  • Mirjam B.

Users Testimonials

  • I am very satisfied with LEFT it is an excellent way to sleep on your left side or back. I got used to it very quickly and I notice that I am less and less inclined to sleep on the right side. I no longer suffer from reflux. I had an inflammation of the esophagus and because I no longer have reflux, the esophagus also has more rest and will heal faster. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family if they would suffer from reflux.

    Nowell Broekhuijsen

  • I have been using Left for a while now and it helps me to sleep differently with much less reflux .. completely free does not work with me due to a diaphragm fracture but I really have considerably fewer problems !! I notice that even if I forget to put it on, I still sleep a lot more on the left side. It is a great relief to me that I no longer suffer from Reflux almost every night .. only when my fracture bursts.

    Vivian Heur

  • LEFT works flawlessly. After one week I got used to sleeping on my back and left side without any sleeping disturbance any more. Until I start using LEFT, I took 40 mg Omeprazol for 25 years every day, due to a diaphragm defect. I have now reduced it to 20 mg and have no problem.

    Ben C

  • The “LEFT” device taught me to sleep on my left side in a very short period. Because of this, I have much less reflux during the night and I have considerably reduced the use of stomach acid inhibitors. Currently, I am using the “LEFT” a few times a week to check that I am indeed still sleeping on my left side. The “LEFT” is an excellent biofeedback device to help you experience less or no nighttime heartburn. The small device in combination with the very handy user-friendly LEFT app, provides a very detailed insight into my sleeping position

    E van Egmond

  • I have been using the LEFT device for several weeks by now.
    My gallbladder was removed in 1994. Since then, i suffer from stomach acid, especially at night. I often woke up with pain from a big splash of acid in my throat. Since I started using The LEFT, I sleep much better and within a week, I was trained not to sleep the right side.
    Also, I don't wake up anymore from acid in my throat.
    By now, I no longer sleep without wearing The LEFT on my chest every evening. Years of discomfort disappeared like snow in the sun.
    “Translated from Dutch”

    Richard Jeuring 52 Years